Lindsey Stirling

There is a resale listed for Broadmoor Arena but requires a Promo Code to enter the presale. I've been unable to find anything with the Promo Code. Our daughter, who was quite ill for 2 years, is finally able to return to school. During the time she was ill, she constantly focused on Lindsey's music to help her through the pain. I'm hopeful to be able to send her to the concert to fulfill her request from when she was extremely ill with toxic encephalitis- to see Lindsey. I'm convinced to this day that the music is a key component that pulled her through the depression and anxiety that comes with toxic encephalitis. THANK-YOU!

Lindsey Stirling responded on 09/19/2019

That date should not require a code - make sure to pick all levels when you check out as some levels may not have the number of seats together you want:

Go directly to this link.

If you prefer VIP with meet & greet, etc. go directly to AXS:

No code is required for each. If you need a code it's WARMER19 for the whole tour.

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